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Rohm becomes the official technical partner of Venturi electric formula team
Shenzhen HongYu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. / 2021-08-30 09:19:12

Rohm became the official technical partner of Venturi formula e team

   by providing SiC power components, the performance of the racing car can be improved by leaps and bounds

   Rohm, a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer, has signed a three-year technical partnership agreement with venturi formula e team participating in the FIA Formula e championship.

   from the third season opened on October 9, the inverter, which plays a core role in the driving of racing cars, will provide the world's most advanced power semiconductor: SiC (silicon carbide) power components to support the miniaturization, lightness and efficiency of machinery.

   compared with the previous Si (silicon) power components, SiC power components, as a semiconductor that can achieve significant low loss, are expected to perform well in the fields of automobile, urban infrastructure, environment / energy and industrial equipment.

   Rohm was the first in the world to start mass production of SiC MOSFET in 2010. As a leading enterprise of SiC power components, Rohm is carrying out the world's most advanced development. In the automotive field, on-board chargers for fast charging have an overwhelming market share, and the adoption of motors and inverters for electric vehicles (EV) is accelerating.

  as a new stage for electric vehicles, racing fans all over the world are fascinated by the charm of electric formula racing. What is very different from the previous car races is the importance of power management ability. How to use the power stored in the battery more efficiently will determine the final outcome.

  for the leading enterprise that has made great achievements in power management technology in the automotive field and is also the key "SiC" of high efficiency, venturi electric formula team also has great expectations for Rohm.

  Rohm will continuously contribute to the development of electric equation, electric vehicle and even society, and further promote the technological innovation of power semiconductor.

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